About Wamco

Over 50 Years

Since 1968, Wamco has quickly grown to become the world leader in advanced light technologies, lighting solutions and components. Since the beginning, we have been proudly serving the military, defense, aerospace, industrial, and medical industries.

A Family Company

A privately-owned and operated family company, Wamco's core ideology has always been based on our founder's personal values and ethics. While always maintaining a solid business approach and highly competitive entrepreneurial spirit, Wamco values and promotes personal growth and relationships in ensuring continued success for years to come. In fact, these values are respected so much that long-term relationship building and business synergy takes precedence over short-term goals.

Our Values

The values and principles listed below are instilled in every member of the Wamco family and highly evident in our daily interactions with not only our customers and partners, but with each other.

  • To provide world-class customer service

  • To be part of a team that continually brings progress and leadership to the industry

  • To work within a team environment where everyone is working towards a common goal, where continuous improvement and change are common place

  • To treat our customers and each other with utmost respect

  • To create an equal-opportunity workplace

  • To maintain our strong dedication to family values in promoting the success and well-being of all our employees and their families

Our History

  • 1968

    Wamco is established and begins selling Oshino Sub-Miniature lamps under an exclusive partnership.

  • 1972

    Wamco introduces a new product line of Sun Light Readable direct view filament incandescent displays (KW).

  • 1980

    Wamco becomes the largest supplier of cockpit lighting for both military and commercial aircraft in the United States.

  • 1984

    Wamco introduces the first Night Vision compatible filter for incandescent lighting

  • 1992

    Wamco becomes the largest supplier of Sub Miniature lamps for backlighting of General Motors radios and air controls

  • 1993

    Wamco acquires Refac line of incandescent displays from ThreeFive Corp

  • 1999

    Wamco introduces their "WL" lighted product line to the commercial airline market

  • 2001

    Wamco forms exclusive deal with Dentsply to supply a Wamco-patented LED curing light for the dental market; the first LED light in the industry

  • 2001

    Wamco introduces Booted SMT LED product line to the aerospace industry

  • 2008

    Wamco completes expansion of its US manufacturing capabilities, adding 10,000 square feet

  • 2009

    Wamco acquires Micro Lamps

  • 2010

    Wamco introduces new LED Energy Star approved product line

  • 2013

    Wamco acquires Lamptronix Co., Ltd.

  • 2016

    Wamco moves to its new location in Irvine, California, adjacent to John Wayne Airport

  • 2018

    Wamco celebrates 50 years in business.


    Wamco continues to source new technologies and solutions to ensure continued growth and success for our customers and our company